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29 Years of Focus to Bring YOU the Best Recliner Sofa

Our Achievements

In search of the most perfect recliner sofa we have achieved a lot of knowledge, experience and rewards.

Years of Research
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Bear  Off ® – Creators of Cozy Sofa

Recliner sofas from Bear Off ®

At Bear Off ®, we make sofas whose design is surpassed only by its function, its beauty only by its comfort. We offer a excellent range of contemporary sofas, from our classic Bear off ®  manual recliner chairs, motorised functional sofa, elderly and old age sofas, airport rest stations to fully customisable home theater seating and accompanying accessories. Recognized by stylish circles worldwide, Bear Off  ® is a typical Chinese brand, designed and produced at Sanmenxia located along the yellow river in Henan Province of China.

The cozy choice in Chinese functional recliner sofas

Employing 29 years of research and skilled craftsmen and using only the highest quality wood, textiles, electronics and finishes, Bear Off ® makes modern functional furniture for every one.  Our philosophy is that when it comes to recliners, comfort matters most. At Bear Off ®, we have developed the 9 patents to ensure that our sofa delivers the ultimate in comfort. These specialized ergonomic features enable our seating to respond to the natural movement of your body providing superior support and comfort.

Our Major Product Range

Manual Recliners

Manual recliners are the original invention. The function is very simple. They are completely mechanical and either operated by a hand lever or using users own body weight. Manual recliners don’t need a power source. No messy cables to connect and maintain. The cost of Manual recliners are very low. With simple adjustment you can change the chair to chaise lounge and eventually a bed.

Bear Off Manual Recliners comes in 2 types and 2 styles. Lever operated and push to recline Models. You also have a choice of hard arm rest and soft arm rest. Additional functions like 360 deg rotation and rocking, make these one of the best choice at a low cost. The quality and comfort are at par with international Brands.

The best choice for all location comfort, relaxing, watching TV or even a power nap.

Powered Recliners

Powered recliners are the advanced versions of original recliners. They are operated by single or multiple special motors. They have functions like recline, head rest adjustment, waist adjustment, foot rest adjustment and in some cases rotation. They need power to operate, Modern versions of powered recliners have power storage units which enable them to function even when there is a power cut.

Bear Off Powered Recliners comes in 5 Models and 3 styles. The slim hard armrest, soft armrest and extra wide seat styles are the most popular around the world. The various models are designed based the various function options. The quality, comfort and functions are outstanding among all International Brands.

The best choice for resting, reading, home theatre,  executive lounges and living room.

Elderly Chairs

Elderly Chairs or Lift up Chairs are the state of the art versions of recliners. These are specially designed, powered recliners, which has functions to  address the physical challenges of the aged and disabled. The recliner can help elderly stand up on their own and have an independent life. It has all the other features of the powered recliners.

Bear Off Elderly Chairs comes in 5 different Models and 2 major Styles. Basic models come with recliner combined stand up function and other models have various combination of functions. Our chairs can be wheeled around with ease and provides comfort safety and independence at the same time.

The best choice of elders, old age home, airports, hospitals and facilities for the disabled.

Our Services

Recliners add value to the hotel room facilities. Improves relaxation and increase customer revisit. Get your rooms elderly ready and disabled friendly. Provide preferable sleep for people with rheumatism.
Recliners in hospitals can drastically increase speedy recovery of patient. Provide extreme comfort to the accompanying person. Upgrade ward room luxury. Enhance hospital stay experience.
Recliners made for elders are the best accompaniment at Old age homes. They can be ultimately refreshing, making them more mobile and independent while providing benefits such pain relief and blood circulation.
Recliners made specially for airport can be used as pay per use or in Miles Clubs. Also can be of extreme relaxation when provided as service for waiting and in-transit passengers or at coach and train stations.

Bear Off Video Introduction

Seeing is Believing

One minute of video equals 1.8 million words or may be you are just plain lazy to read all our write up on this website. Just click play and watch our Bear Off Recliner sofa introduction video to get convinced why it is choice of 7.7 billion people around the world.

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Excellent Sofa

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The recliners add value to the rooms and have increased the customer return rates

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In our study the customers preferred to stay in rooms with the recliners compared to the rooms with normal chairs